Edward Pearce, Washington University School of Medicine, USA
Edward Pearce

Edward Pearce obtained his PhD in 1983 for research on immunity to helminth parasites that he performed at NIMR Mill Hill.  He pursued postdoctoral training with Alan Sher at the NIH, where he focused on understanding the Type 2 bias in immune responses to helminth parasites.  He became an independent investigator in 1990 when he accepted a faculty position at Cornell University.  He moved his research group to the University of Pennsylvania in 2001, where he was promoted to Professor in 2004.  After leaving UPenn for a brief stint at the Trudeau Institute, he moved to his current position in the Department of Pathology and Immunology at Washington University School of Medicine in 2011. His research interests include Type 2 immunity and the role of cellular metabolism in immune cell function and fate during infection and cancer.

Author homepage: immunobiology.wustl.edu/pearce-edward.asp

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