Michael Holtzman, Washington University, St. Louis, USA
Michael Holtzman

I have been a Principal Investigator and Program Director with a focus on mucosal immunity, inflammation, and remodeling, especially in relation to the role of respiratory viruses in causing acute and chronic lung disease. My experience in research activities, ranging from cell and molecular studies to animal models and human clinical trials has allowed me the privilege of training, recruiting, and supervising a full-spectrum multidisciplinary research team, including expertise for an innovative drug discovery program. I have a longstanding commitment to translational and collaborative research that has produced a series of productive research Center activities at the University, but I have also formed a small business dedicated to translating our discoveries into clinical practice. My 20-year tenure of directing what is now $40M in annual clinical and research revenue was helpful in this endeavor as well. Our current projects aim to develop anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-mucus therapeutics especially in application to the major forms of respiratory disease. However, the principles and implications of our work are broadly applicable to other types of inflammatory and infectious diseases as well as cancer, and we routinely work and collaborate in these additional areas. Indeed, I particularly enjoy the process of engaging and organizing new perspectives, technologies, and approaches towards the goal of finding the cause and cure of disease.

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